Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeling thinner


Today it is raining. And cold, of course. Raining and cold. So I did not put the puppy outside with a bone and go for a walk.

Also, Thor has gone back to sleeping all day. Maybe because it is a brumous day? Wait, what? I thought brumous meant cloudy, but I just looked it up and it means foggy or misty, wintery. Well it is certainly wintery, but not foggy. Just gloomy clouds.

Today for lunch I had a small serve of pasta with some chicken breast, sun-dried tomato pesto and a splash of cream. It was delicious. And 500 calories! Maybe I should check before I cook... Each of those four elements is quite high calorie and they sure add up. I kept to my calories for the day though, even if "supper" was picking at the leftover roast.

Apparently the latest cover of Time magazine is about how we should eat butter and how authorities were completely wrong about demonising fat. My friend who did her dietetics degree about five years ago is very anti-saturated-fat and pro-carbs, and they may still be teaching that, but I think that is lagging way behind all the new studies. Nowadays it is trans-fats and sugar that are the evil ones, natural fats are fine. Sugar was once just "empty calories", now it is addictive crack that makes you eat more and more. Trans-fats were originally promoted as a healthy alternative to saturated fats, now we know they are far worse.

It's kind of scary that they will probably change their minds again in another five years. There is a line from a movie or TV show where the high-fat cook shrugs and says authorities will soon be telling us we're not eating enough bacon.

I've been writing my "Advantage Response Cards" i.e. why I want to lose weight. I've come up with many reasons, some not so obvious. Like bras being more comfortable because they aren't digging into back fat.

I'm actually feeling a bit thinner today. It's a nice feeling.

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