Friday, June 6, 2014

A very wet bed


Another good night! This time Thor slept from 11:00pm to 5:45am. I've got up that early to go to the gym before (ok, for two weeks four years ago). If he keeps sleeping a bit later each day like this it will soon be our getting up time anyway. And I slept deeply, with the CPAP on, until then.

The night didn't look like it was starting off great. I went to put the CPAP on as I was getting into bed and although it seemed to be working I wasn't getting any air at all. Turned it off and on, opened the lid - definitely air coming out there. But nothing through the nose pipe. Felt all along it, couldn't find a leak. I unhooked the pipe to look at it more closely and water went all over the bed and me! What I think happened was one of the kids, or maybe the friend they had over that afternoon and played hide and seek with all over the house, picked up the machine and tipped the water from the humidifier down the tubing. Not on purpose, of course, just looking at it. I had noticed it wasn't how I usually leave it but thought nothing of it. And of course with the low point of the tubing full of water, air couldn't get past. So it was late, I was tired, and I didn't really appreciate having to change the sheets and try to towel-dry the mattress, and change my freshly washed pyjamas too. Ended up getting to bed around 11:40, very late for me. But after that it was a good night.

I had an awesome moment after I crawled back into bed at 6:30 this morning. After I warmed up, I became aware that I was 100% comfortable. I was sleepy but not exhausted, warm and cosy, and my body felt like it was floating. I made sure I enjoyed the feeling.

Mum and I don't talk that often on the phone but we email quite a lot these days. But right now I don't really have anything to talk about except Thor! And mum doesn't like animals and is only interested in the sense of wanting to know how my life is going. So I ask her how she is, but don't really have a lot to say about myself. I've barely left the house and yard for a week.

I sent the kids to school by themselves this morning, that is news. Jasmine walked by herself one day when Aiden was sick, but I worry about the road they have to cross. Lately I've noticed that all the other kids Jasmine's age (ten) or a bit younger are walking by themselves or taking younger siblings. Not that I have to do something just because other parents do! But it was an influence. And carrying Thor back and forth has been a pain. I'm not allowed to let him walk yet outside our yard but he really really wants to so he struggles in my arms. I suppose I could have left him at home. But ten is old enough to walk and to look after her brother for two blocks. (I was roaming around a lot younger than that as a child, but I don't base my parenting on that. A lot of bad stuff happened in my family including my ten year old brother getting hit and killed by a train. And my other brother ending up in hospital a few times with horrible permanent scars. And once we accidentally set the reserve (bushland) on fire. I am a cautious parent because I KNOW bad things happen.) But I finally let them go without me. I was watching at the window from 3:00 waiting for them to get home safely, which they did. When Thor is allowed down on a lead we'll make the school trip part of our morning walk, but they will probably always be walking home alone (together) from now on.

Food was a bit trickier today. I went out at lunchtime because that is when Thor's nap coincided with the library being open, then when I got home the lovely chicken soup I was making wasn't ready like I thought it was when I turned it off when I left the house. But it was past my usual lunchtime and I was hungry. So I had some leftover roast chicken, then later the soup as well. So I had two lunches. However I have finished dinner with a handful of calories to spare. No supper tonight, but I've got through the day within my budget even if it didn't quite go to plan.

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  1. I find it hard to let go too. I got into all sorts of trouble and was on my own as a latch key kid from 1st grade on, but my kids have not been left like that. I'm inbetween over protective, and just right, I think. :)