Saturday, June 14, 2014

No cupcakes for me


Quiet Saturday. I stayed home with Thor while Tim took the kids to swimming lessons, and in the afternoon I did the grocery shopping. Had a disrupted night with the puppy up at 3:00, 4:15 and 7:30, and Aiden coming in to cuddle at 7:00. But on the other hand I got to stay in bed until 9:30, which was lovely, so I may have made up for the frequent sleep interruptions.

Tim and the kids made lemon & raspberry cupcakes. I didn't have any. I am feeling pretty strong. Thursday's weigh-in only showed a 0.2 kg loss this week but I have dropped another 0.8 kg in the two days since. I really am feeling a bit thinner, and seeing progress makes sticking to my plan easier.

I have a big overflowing folder of recipes, some I use regularly and some I haven't tried yet, and many years worth of cooking magazines full of sticky bookmarks. My project at the moment is organising all this into four folders. I'm just doing a bit each day, gradually getting things transferred into the new sections and throwing out some recipes I have never used. Tearing out three or four pages from each magazine instead of keeping the whole thing will free up a lot of shelf space. But it is going to take a while. I have tried putting it all on computer, but it turns out I prefer paper.

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