Monday, June 30, 2014

Juggling calories


My eating was a bit muddled today. I didn't have a morning snack so I was really hungry at lunch time. I had planned to eat 3/4 of a quesadilla while out shopping but I ended up eating the whole thing for a whopping 600 calories, and a lot more carbohydrate than I am used to eating in one go these days. Then I was uncomfortably full all afternoon and at nothing until dinner, when I was ravenous again. My calories for the day are fine, and for some people three big meals is preferred, but I really didn't like it. I alternated between too hungry and too full all day. I prefer three smaller meals and two or three snacks, getting mildly hungry each time and never overstuffed. I can go longer and get hungry, it's not usually an emergency (but sometimes my blood sugar drops and I feel awful and act confused or mean), but then I overeat and sometimes make bad choices in what I eat. I know what my personal needs are, and generally I plan my day better.

I've been really tired the past two days, falling asleep with the puppy on my lap if I sit still for long. I'm not sure why, Thor has been sleeping through until nearly time for us to get up anyway, and I've had my CPAP on all night. I have been a bit restless though. Sometimes I find the CPAP annoying in the early hours of the morning because it stops me moving around - I can lie on my back or my left side easily, anything else needs very careful positioning. Sometimes I get up to use the bathroom and then the CPAP suddenly seems very intrusive when I'm trying to get back to sleep.

Overall, though, I got through the day ok. I ate too much at lunchtime so I just moderated my calories for the rest of the day. I was very tired but I got the grocery shopping done and then had some nice quiet times with my puppy. It wasn't a bad day at all.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day to me! Sometimes adjustments are needed on the fly! What I really love about this post is how much you're in tune with your personal preferences and needs. You're acutely aware, Natalie--and that's an awesome thing.

  2. Sounds like you learned a bit about how you want to eat and feel, that sounds like a success to me!