Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 38 and still going strong!


I can't believe I'm up to day 38 of healthy living. More than five weeks. I haven't been perfect, but after each slip I get back on track straight away. There have certainly been a few moments when it would have been so much easier to just give up on the whole thing and dive into food, but I've resisted successfully.

I'm feeling very content today because my family decided not to go away. I tried hard not to mope but my husband could see how unhappy I was. I was really struggling with it. It was to see his extended family who live quite a long way away, for a birthday lunch. Usually we would all go, and in only one more week Thor will be old enough and fully vaccinated so could go in a boarding kennel if we want to go somewhere we couldn't take him (today's event was in a restaurant, so even if we were prepared to have him in the car for four hours each way we couldn't), but because it was this weekend I would have had to stay home with him.

We haven't been able to visit my mum either (both our families live in the same city, where we both grew up) but in a few weeks we'll arrange a boarding kennel and go and visit them all for the weekend.

Another reason I am feeling good is that Thor slept right through until after 7:00am, so I got to sleep and wear my CPAP all night. It makes such a difference to your mood when you get a decent night's sleep.

The kids had their swimming lesson this morning then I took Jasmine shopping for clothes this afternoon, quite successfully which isn't always the case.

Then Tim and the kids started up one of our Xbox dance games.

A conversation with myself about exercising:

Me: I wanted to go for a walk today but it is raining and freezing so I can't. But the intention counts right? So I don't need to do anything else.
Myself: Ah, no, it doesn't work that way.
Me: But I will have to change all my clothes into workout gear because I get so hot when I dance.
Myself: Yeah, so? It won't take that long.
Me: And then I will have to change again afterwards back into winter gear.
Myself: I can have a lovely shower first, and then I won't have to worry about a shower before bed when I'm tired.
Me: My sports bras are all uncomfortably tight around the back these days, and I can't put a bra on by myself with my shoulder stiffness, but I have to wear one to jump around.
Myself: Lucky Tim is home to help then. And you won't be wearing it long. And it won't be as tight as it was five weeks ago.
Me: I will be cold at first in my workout gear.
Myself: You'll warm up quickly.
Me: Then I will be too hot.
Myself: Really, me? You're going to complain about too cold AND too hot?
Me: Sorry.
Myself: Nothing wrong with a bit of sweat. Shows you're working. And it comes off in the shower.
Me: It is hardly worth exercising today, I probably won't exercise again for a week so it's not like I'm building up fitness.
Myself: The solution to that would be to exercise regularly. And even if you don't, dancing will be fun and good for you.
Me: I still don't really feel like it, but I guess I'm changed now.
Myself: Good. Off you go.

I ended up dancing for about 45 minutes at fairly moderate intensity, worked up just enough sweat to need a shower, and enjoyed the exercise.

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  1. Yesssssssss!!!! Congrats, Natalie!! I'm so happy for you. 5 weeks is a very big deal--and you've got some serious momentum going! Love your conversation between "me" and "myself." Dancing rocks the calories off-Just ask Richard Simmons! You're doing fantastic. And I totally get what you mean about the good night's sleep on the cpap! I know exactly what you mean! Great post!!