Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Games night


I didn't do quite so well yesterday. Firstly, the puppy totally defied my attempt to pin down his routine. He decided to completely change it up. Instead of spending all morning and a fair bit of the afternoon napping, he only slept for an hour then was up and active until after lunch, and only had a couple of short naps later. He was really busy all day and wanted to play with me or at least follow me around the house. I guess he is growing and changing rapidly at this age. But I didn't get much done.

Then for some reason I got really hungry in the afternoon and ate quite a few extra calories. And then some more. And then we had our weekly games night and I'd decided to eat very little - maybe one square of chocolate - because I'd already had treats several days in a row. Instead I ate about 400 calories worth of stuff. There were Doritos. Damn you Doritos. I ended up quite a bit over my calorie limit for the day. It was the first day I really felt I'd done quite badly.

But what were the positives? Firstly my extra afternoon snacks were not just random junk. I didn't grab sugar. I went for filling healthy protein - a little tin of tuna in water and then some cashews. And then in the evening I ate too much but I did stop way short of past binges. I stopped eating when there were still plenty of Doritos in the bag. I limited myself. It could have been much worse. And I never at any point gave up on my diet or decided to just start again tomorrow or next week or next year.

But still, that makes four days in a row when I have had treat foods when I had only planned for one. Time to rein this in.

I don't expect to lose weight this week. My official weigh-in is tomorrow but as of this morning I am slightly above last week's weight. That is sad, but I have to keep pushing forward.  It reinforces that I have to stick to my plan pretty closely or I won't lose weight. I won't be surrounded by temptations again for a while, so that helps.

Dungeons and Dragons games night might be ending very soon. Two of the six people in our group are moving to another state next week and can only come one more time. Four people is enough to play, but one of them will be home with a new baby in a couple of months. We've been playing for about eight years now, a long time, with this core group of four and lots of others who have come for a year or two then left (the women don't usually last very long!). I am quite bored with it and wouldn't attend if it wasn't at my house, and all the junk food is hard (we occasionally try to clean that up but it doesn't last long) but it is nice to have a social evening every week. So I don't know if we'll be looking for new people or taking a hiatus.

I have had two pretty good night's sleep in a row and I will use that energy to do better today.

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  1. I think it is so awesome that you are honoring all that you did well. This is a process:) each victory (small or large) helps us achieve our larger goal!