Monday, September 8, 2014

A walk in the sunshine


This morning I went for a walk around the lake. It was lovely weather, a little cold when the sun went behind a cloud but otherwise good. I didn't hurry, but stopped lots of times to take photos and just enjoy the day.

This is a series of pillars with the names of Australian of the Year since that started. The pillars stand on the five lines of a musical stave, and if you played them as notes it would sound out our National Anthem.

This swan started heading towards me as soon as I stopped to take photos. Was it a particularly vain bird, or just hoping for food?

Part of the path was blocked off but the diversion through the sculpture garden of the art gallery was lovely, well worth the bit of extra distance. I should go that way again.

The carillon looks like a smokestack, but that is just a cloud behind it. The carillon is actually a bell tower that chimes every quarter hour, and they also have regular recitals. It is on its own little island on the lake.

Ducks. Since they look slightly different, I assume a male and a female mated pair. I wonder if there will be little ducklings soon.

Swans in the shade under the spring blossoms. It looked like they were eating grass. Do they? I know geese eat grass.

My total walk was 5.64 km in 1 hr 15 mins. And I really enjoyed it.

Then it was time to do the grocery shopping. I had planned to bring my morning snack to eat after my walk, but forgot. No problem. I just bought some individual cheese serves and a bag of baby carrots. I also bought some strawberries, but then I asked myself - am I doing this carb cycling diet or am I not? And my answer was that I am. So I have kept the strawberries for tomorrow, when I can eat them without guilt. I sat outside the supermarket and ate my cheese and a couple of carrots, then got on with the shopping. I noticed that although they don't have Christmas decorations up yet, they did have Christmas themed foods available - little plum puddings and festive cakes. Since we don't do Thanksgiving or Halloween here, there is nothing for a long time after Easter. Christmas starts very early!

By the time I got home and made and ate lunch, it was well after 2:00. Nearly time for the kids to get home. No writing today.

Breakfast was roast beef, cucumber and tomato. And tea.

Then I remembered I have carbs with breakfast, even on a low carb day. So I had an apple. I only ate half, I was too full.

No photo of my morning snack at the shops. Lunch was chicken breast, mushrooms and onion, finished with a dash of cream. (I didn't eat it all.) It was really delicious. And tea. And half a mug of a new batch of vegetable broth.

My afternoon snack was some cashews with a cucumber and a small carrot. The cucumber looks like it has been on The Biggest Loser, it has a waist! Or maybe it wanted to grow up to be a skittle in a bowling alley.
Dinner was bolognaise with zoodles.
A very good day in terms of food and exercise. I do feel like I'm missing a bit of life balance, though. The whole day was spent planning, purchasing and preparing food, eating healthy food, or exercise. All important things. But I didn't get any "work" done. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Those swans with the flowering trees are so pretty!

  2. Balance can be hard to get with all the prep work. We've been cooking and prepping a bunch of stuff up on Sundays and then it lasts most of the week.

  3. What gorgeous locale for walking!

    Re the prep...that's why I like 'primal.' It's similar eating, but once you get into the rhythm of working out what's healthy and what of those choices you like, it becomes much easier.

  4. What a lovely walk in the sun. Photos of the walk look great as do your food. You are doing great Natalie!