Sunday, September 7, 2014

Father's Day


It's Father's Day today. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Did I want a plate laden with fat and carbs and too much protein and more fat? Of course I did! But I didn't have it. I had some lean bacon for my protein - just the "short cut" bits, two kiwi fruit for my carbohydrate, and a cucumber and a tomato for my vegetables. I was full and I didn't feel deprived - it was the bacon I really wanted and I had some, albeit a modified healthier version. And a cup of tea.

Once that was fully digested, I did 40 mins of dance with Jasmine. I kept going until I hit the wall of tiredness where you can't pick up new choreography any more. I am still thinking about joining the gym soon, but for the moment I'll enjoy dancing and getting out in the spring weather (it's nice some days, not so nice other days). Only one week until Canberra's flower festival so I am going to spend a lot of time there.

My morning snack was cheese, a carrot and a cucumber. Can you tell cucumbers are one of my favourites? I'm having two or three a day at the moment.

Lunch was a salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, snow peas and grilled capsicum topped with fried onion, cheese, and tender lamb loin slices. The dressing is balsamic vinegar and sesame oil - they are both very strong flavours so only a tiny drizzle of each. Very tasty. It's another one of my "on a diet" favourites, but we also have it when I'm not on a diet. And a cup of tea.
In the afternoon, Tim took the kids to Flip Out, a trampoline place. I don't feel quite ready for that yet, and I didn't want to just go along and watch. I'm sure it's really fun and I'll so sometime soon when I'm a little bit fitter. I suppose I could be accused of putting my life on hold waiting to get thin, but in this case I just don't feel physically ready. They had a great time.
My afternoon snack was leftover cauliflower cheese. The green bits are broccoli, which I actually much prefer to cauliflower.
I didn't photograph dinner, but it was roast beef with onion, broccoli, and my veggie medley. We have a roast every Sunday, but I vary the type of meat. Usually beef or lamb. I didn't eat any potato, and I put away all the leftovers as soon as we were done.
While dinner was cooking I had a little pot of vegetable-scrap broth simmering on the stove and I had a mug of it in the evening. And both my kids wanted some. There was basically only one mugful in there, after the mushy vegetables were all strained out, so I didn't get all that much. Sigh. I shouldn't have made it look so nice.
I wished my dad Happy Father's Day, he'll visit here in a few of weeks during the school holidays, and I talked to my mum via email (they are divorced). Mum hasn't been feeling well for the last week or so. Not cancer related, but having cancer doesn't exactly boost your immune system. We'll visit her in two weeks. She's recently discovered the Game of Thrones books , and although she criticises everything about them she's clearly hooked! I'm going to lend her my DVDs.


  1. Sounds like a rock-solid day, keep it up!

  2. sounds like a great day...especially the food. Good for you!