Wednesday, September 24, 2014



You may have guessed from my lack of communication on the subject lately that my weight loss isn't going so well. I refuse to stop blogging, I am not going to disappear just because I'm eating way too much of all the wrong things, but I tend to avoid that particular subject when I'm not doing well. Time for an update.

I am walking a little bit most days. Not anywhere near what I should be doing at my fitness level. I was really concentrating on writing, and very excited about that, so I don't actually regret taking that time to write instead of exercise. But I need to increase now (while still working on reviewing my book as well). My health is important.

Another reason I've been staying inside with the doors closed during some lovely spring weather is that a particular weed is flowering profusely all over the area and giving me bad hay fever. I don't get hay fever often, but this Capeweed stuff seems to get right up my nose, as it were. A friend of mine has had to keep her son home from school he is so badly affected, so it's not just me. Headaches, sore throat, foggy head, runny nose. And I'd just got over my cold! But I'm better as long as I don't go outside, and hopefully the flowering season won't be too long or people will mow down the flowers or something (it's a daisy-like weed that infiltrates lawns and the school is blanketed in it, the oval is a sea of yellow). Today is raining anyway, and I plan to dance inside the house.

My food has been bad. And the scales are reflecting that. Up a bit more each week. It's a nasty shock each time I weigh myself. Or see a photo. And I look terrible in the face, although that is more hay fever than fat. I am not liking how I look or feel at the moment.

As usual at this stage, I am torn between the two extremes of an unsustainable punishing regime to lose weight quickly and a more gentle small-changes approach that won't work fast enough to motivate me.

We are in the last week of school term before two weeks of holidays. In the first week we already have planned a visit to Sydney for a party and to see my mother, my dad and his partner staying here for a few days, and my father-in-law and his partner staying here for a different few days. The whole week will be filled with offering and being offered excessive food. I do plan to make healthy desserts, or some of them at least, and I am responsible for what goes in my mouth, but I'm just saying it will be an additional challenge.

And yet, all this is just one part of my life. I need to make my health more of a priority, but I am very happy about other things. I have written a novel, people!!

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