Tuesday, September 9, 2014

High carb day


It is Wednesday morning, actually, and I somehow forgot to post yesterday. So a quick catch up.

In contrast to the day before, it was cold and dark with intermittent rain. So I stayed inside. The morning didn't start well when my breakfast egg tried to fly and be free. Splat on the floor. I had to start again. I should have got a photo of that, probably more interesting than eggs on toast again!

I did some dancing but felt lacklustre and uninspired. I'm still having occasional queasiness for no apparent reason. I pushed myself to 30 minutes.

Morning tea was strawberries with yoghurt, and a couple of baby carrots.

Lunch was an oven baked chicken breast, potato, cucumber and carrot. It was a high carb day, obviously.

Afternoon tea was a pita pizza with low-fat pepperoni. Very yummy. My phone refused to take a photo, saying its memory was full, which was nonsense. I ate it early, then went to a friend's house after school where I ignored the several types of biscuits on the table and just had a cup of tea and a chat.

Took Jasmine to her dance class, came home to pulled pork and salad in a bread roll. I also had some cucumber on the side. And then picked at some more pork as I put the leftovers away.

I've come to realise that my protein portions are often too large. They are supposed to be the size of the palm of my hand. Since I'm having protein five times a day, I need to watch the portion size a bit more carefully. I weigh myself every couple of days, and my weight went up after my free day on Saturday and has been slowly going down but is still currently higher than my official weight last Friday. I've got two low carb days now to fix that.

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