Tuesday, September 2, 2014

High carb day


It was my first high carb day. Last night I was literally fantasizing about what I was allowed to eat today! Fruit! Potato! But I was also really happy that I had stuck to the first two low-carb days faithfully.

Of course "high carb" doesn't actually mean high carb. You get one serve each meal and snack, it still doesn't add up to what most people eat in a day. It's just higher carb than the low carb days.

I started the day with poached eggs on toast, cucumber and tomato, and a cup of tea.
Since dogs were no longer allowed at the school, and it was now spring so not below freezing any more, I decided to shift Thor's main walk to the morning instead of the afternoon pick-up. But I was stymied by the rain. I don't so much mind walking in the rain, but Thor is an extremely fluffy dog who soaks up water. For him, walking in the rain is like he's carrying a sopping wet blanket on his back. So we stayed inside.

Morning snack was leftover chicken soup, a pink lady apple and two baby carrots.

At lunchtime I cooked a couple of chicken wings with lemon and chilli. I'd already used the breasts for the stir fry on Sunday, and the legs and carcass for the soup yesterday. I saved the wings with a little bit of breast meat attached for today. Potato for carbs, broccoli and leftover vegetable medley for vegetables. Also a cup of tea, not pictured. Once again I seriously overestimated how much I would eat.

This is what was left when I stopped eating:
I was full, but also it all seemed really oily - I am preferring my clean raw vegetables more than those I cook even with just a little olive oil. And I only picked at the chicken. I did enjoy the potato!

I went to the library and borrowed the book that this diet comes from, I started reading it this afternoon. The first half has been the usual advice of cleaning out your cupboards, getting a support team, making a commitment. Good stuff, nothing new.

Afternoon snack was yoghurt with raspberries, cucumber and tomato.
A friend and her kids came over after school. I wasn't ready to talk about my diet so soon after the last one, so I ate the vegetables before they arrived (hurrying with the last few pieces as they pulled into the driveway), and then I offered yoghurt to everyone.  

Thor had a quick visit to the backyard and came in covered in mud from his belly down to his toes, so he had to have a bath. First I had to catch him as he pelted around the house!

Then I took Jasmine to her dance lesson. Somehow I'd forgotten to factor that into my meal plans this week. Usually we have a casserole so it's ready when we get home late. But after the dance concert on the weekend I'd felt like the driving back and forth was over, and forgot about her usual weekly lesson! I prepped dinner as much as I could before we left, then cooked when we got home. No take away!

We had chicken quesadillas with a wholemeal tortilla, chicken breast, onion, capsicum, hot salsa, cheese, and fresh salad on top. I had one. My husband and children had three each! It's my daughter's second favourite meal (after lasagne). But she has it without the ... everything. She has chicken and cheese in a tortilla, that is all. And my son only has chicken and hot salsa in his. At least they both eat plenty of vegetables on the side. Just not as part of the dish, because, you know, yuck.
No games night for a few weeks, thank goodness, so I didn't have to worry about that temptation.
I tracked my food to get statistics on my first high carb day. It didn't go quite as well as the low carb day.
Target calories: 1500. Actual calories: 1715
Probably all those extra calories came from fat. You are supposed to have less fat on high carb days, hardly any at all, but I ended up having more.
I had 119 grams of carbohydrate. I need to read the book more to see if I can get some numbers on that instead of just comparing portions to my hand. Just to see if I'm in the right ballpark. But I've got something to work on, eating less fat on the high carb days. Overall I think I did awesomely well.
I am having my seventh drink now. I need to be consistent with that.
I rained on and off all day so I never got out for a walk. At 8:30 this evening I decided to at least do the 5 mins minimum required. "Just give me five!" he says. So I did a couple of planks, 74 squats (2 minutes), and some miscellaneous weight lifting. I'm glad I made the effort, even though I didn't want to. Even five minutes is better than nothing.


  1. Unfortunately his books don't offer much on "exact" amount of carbs you should get everyday. Both his books are pretty vague on specifics, but I like the philosiphy. I'm doing the "turbo" with 2 low carb days for each high. Sounds like tyou are doing the same.

    1. Yes I'm doing the turbo. I do like to know exact amounts, I guess I have to relax a bit about that if he doesn't specify.

  2. You did well, Natalie! I haven't read his books.

  3. Way to go Natalie. It looks like your high-carb day went well even with the extra calories. Kudos for doing the exercise too!

  4. Sounds like a successful day all around! Good job!