Monday, September 22, 2014

Writing writing writing


I have been immersed in writing my novel for the past couple of days. On Sunday, walking around Floriade, I was telling my husband I was stuck on a particular issue. As usual he was a great sounding board (sometimes he comes up with awesome ideas I can incorporate, sometimes he asks the right questions so that I work it out myself) and we got that problem solved. So yesterday I sat and wrote the rest of the final climactic scene. It all worked out perfectly. Then in the afternoon I wrote a little more, on the final what-happens-after wrapping up chapter but had to stop due to my RSI. About three hours is my limit for a day if I want to avoid lasting pain.

Today I woke fizzing with ideas of how to wrap up the novel, tying up the loose ends while hinting at a sequel. Unfortunately I couldn't get down to it for while. I had a very busy day, starting with spending time at the school for Aiden's "learning journey" where he shows us things he's been doing all year, shopping and getting a casserole on to slow cook, and it will end with taking Jasmine to her dance class and then hosting games night. I squeezed in half an hour of writing after lunch, at the expense of leaving the house as a pigsty. Oh well; priorities, right?

I am so close to the end! I can taste it. I can't think about anything else.

I have been getting in short walks each day, a kilometre or two. That is all.


  1. I absolutely can't wait to read your novel!! Excellent job, Natalie! And great work on the walks!!