Monday, September 29, 2014



My dad and his girlfriend went off to visit dad's brother today (but saying he would definitely be back for dinner), so I took the kids to the awesome Pod Playground at the arboretum.

A lot of the instalments look like giant acorns.

And it is all set within the lovely rolling hills and baby trees of the arboretum, next to the café where I like to write.

I spent most of the time walking slowly around and around the playground. It was a bit of an obstacle course, with running kids, crying kids, squealing-with-excitement kids, parents with prams, parents chasing wind-blown hats, parents blocking the path chatting to other parents, fed-up parents juggling a sleeping baby and a screaming toddler while looking for their older child to tell them it was time to go home, abandoned toddler shoes, children falling over, parents chasing toddlers, parents taking photos of their kids (I was one of those) ... so I managed to walk 2 km in 45 minutes.
It was a lovely sunny day. The only fault I have with this playground is that there is no shade for parents at all (and not enough benches). The kids get shade inside all the acorns and little huts, but it is still a bit exposed. Scorching hot in summer and freezing in winter. But nice in spring! I certainly feel like I've got enough sun for the day.
Then as I was pulling out of my parking space, chatting to the children and not paying enough attention, I did this to the car next to me:

Long scrape. That is my gold paint on her dark blue. I didn't hear or feel it at all, but I saw the horrified face of the other owner who was still with her car!  It was her husband's work car. She got all my details. I have never gone through this process before, I assume my insurance pays for all or some of the repair. Our car got a mark too,

but I'm sure we won't bother doing anything about it. Of course I am not happy about having done this, but I really and truly am glad that if I had to have some kind of accident it was just a little scrape with no one hurt and no major damage or inconvenience. And a nice non-abusive woman to deal with.


  1. Eeek! I'm glad the woman wasn't crazy mad or anything. At least if it happens, it works out like that. :)

  2. Oh no!
    That's really good to hear that the woman was pleasant about it. And you're right, it truly is a minor incident on the scale of accidents involving a motor vehicle.
    The only accident I've had in my car was when someone rear-ended me, trying to avoid another car. His insurance paid for my replacement rear bumper.