Thursday, September 4, 2014

Out of kilter


My day was a bit out of kilter. We decided this morning to sell our little puppy (I expect it to take a few days or even weeks, so he is still here at the moment) and even though it was primarily my decision and I think it was the right one, it was still a bit upsetting. I was feeling stressed, guilty and sad - and of course tired - all day.

I got out to the shops later than I'd planned. My fridge is now overflowing with healthy meat and vegetables again, but I had a few things to do and I ended up being out way past my usual morning snack time. It was approaching lunchtime and I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I'd been up since 6am. I was really hungry. Being a low carb day, my snack was supposed to be protein, fat and veggies. I ended up having some beef jerky (it was BBQ flavoured and had 5g of sugar which I didn't realise until after) and a punnet of strawberries - berries are fruit of course but pretty low carb. It wasn't ideal, but I think I did ok considering. Better than something from the food court.

Lunch at home, much later than usual, was also messed up, as I hadn't been able to buy what I'd planned to have and hadn't got an alternative. I ended up having some cheese and cashews, a big bowl of tomato soup and a carrot.

I'd had lunch so late I didn't have an afternoon snack. Dinner was barramundi (fish) with lemon pepper, cucumber and carrot sticks, and a stir fry of celery, leek, snow peas, baby corn and cashews.

That is only four meals/snacks today when I am supposed to have five. I will have another snack before bed if I'm hungry, but I don't like eating late. That is, of course I do like eating late at night, that is why I am obese, but I don't think I should.

I am actually really proud of myself, underneath all the other feelings. I was all unsettled and emotionally uncomfortable and hungry and tired and I was right there at the shops, surrounded by a million unhealthy choices, but I didn't turn to food. I did the best I could and did a reasonable job of sticking to my plan today. I refused to take comfort in a packet of chocolate biscuits. Good job, Natalie.


  1. We all have those days and it's how we deal with them that make a big difference. Remember when you have have a screwed up day and you turn to food, it can ruin you mentally for more than just that day. However, when you have a screwed up day and you fight the temptation it puts the wind at your back when things get back to normal. Good job!

  2. I read your post about why you're getting rid of your puppy. It sounds like you're making the right decision for you and your family. You'll feel better about it when he's settled with a new family. :)

  3. I hope the little guy finds a family that can give him the love that he deserves, and with that, brings you the peace that YOU deserve. :)