Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trumpets in the sun


I had many plans for Friday but I ended up doing none of them. I've been battling a headcold all week (caught from my niece in Sydney on the weekend, I presume, my daughter Jasmine has it too) and I was feeling a bit run down and headachy. And my RSI flared up quite badly. So I did a bit more writing, at home, and then when my shoulder and arm got too sore to continue I just sat around. It was bad enough that I had a glass of Cointreau as muscle relaxant - it works better than all the anti-inflammatory medication I used to take (and with less side effects) but it's not something I do often. Alcohol generally tastes like medicine anyway.

Today our school had a picnic day with some entertainment, including my daughter and the Year 5 band.

She is second from the left. The band is all brass instruments plus a couple of drums (Jasmine plays the trumpet) but every so often they get together with other schools who are all string instruments - it seems to be planned that way with the district.

It was a lovely sunny day, we've only had a few of those so far with our nights still dropping to around freezing, so it was nice to get out. I forgot to turn on RunKeeper for the walk there but remembered for the way home, a bit over a kilometre. I need every step if I'm going to get to 50! I had a nap when we got home then Tim made his beautiful risotto. Very nice day.

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