Monday, September 1, 2014

First day of spring


First day of spring. A bit cloudy and cool, but we are getting there.

After writing my post after dinner last night, I started to feel a bit queasy and headachy. Peppermint tea didn't help, nor did a hot bath, and by the time I went to bed I was very nauseous and felt like I had a dagger stuck in my right eyebrow. But some time curled in the dark did the trick and I was fine this morning. Don't know whether it was residual tummy bug or overload of vegetables fermenting or carb flu.

It's another low carb day. There are four different cycles. I was originally going to do the Classic cycle: low/high/low/high/low/high/free day which seemed to give the best chance of not feeling sick from low carbs. But the iPhone app thing only uses the Turbo cycle: low/low/high/low/low/high/free day. Of course it will be harder doing two low carb days in a row. I will monitor how I feel as I go.

I started the day with peanut butter on toast with cucumber and tomato and my cup of tea, and water with a squeeze of lemon. Btw, I eat high-fibre low-GI white bread from our local bakery. I've tried many times to transition to wholegrain bread but end up having one slice then the rest of the yucky loaf sits in the freezer for months until I throw it out. So this is my compromise. Not supermarket bread.

Morning tea was some tasty cheese (that is not as much cheese as it looks, it's in thin flakes), a baby carrot and some kale "chips". I didn't like the kale all that much and ate about half of it. Some bits might have been overcooked, other bits were rubbery. Kale isn't big in Australia, you couldn't even buy it in most shops a year ago, but I know other people like baking it in the oven. Not for me.

Lunch was cream of chicken soup and some asparagus. I usually make the soup with a flour and butter roux which makes it seem creamy. Since it's a low carb day I used only a tablespoon of flour for the whole thing. It meant the soup didn't thicken up at all and was more of a broth with bits of chicken in it. Still tasted nice.

After lunch I started feeling very queasy again, and quite gassy. I think it's probably all the extra vegetables playing havoc, but it does seem to happen after the fattier meals. I have fat with each meal on a low carb day, but it's not that much. Certainly not more than I usually have! So I'm not sure what is going on there. I recovered quickly this time.
I picked up the kids from school but had some bad news there. Quite a few families walk their dogs up to pick up the kids but apparently that is not in line with government regulations and the vice principal told me that dogs will no longer be allowed on school grounds. He was patting Thor regretfully as he told me! Not sure what this will mean for afternoon walks.
Afternoon snack was some lean roast beef left over from last night, with a Lebanese cucumber and a baby carrot. The roast beef was really delicious, it seemed even better than yesterday.

And dinner was bolognaise (lean beef mince, tomato, onion, mushrooms, garlic and chilli) on a bed of zoodles (zucchini strips) with some tasty cheese. Yummy dinner.

I am really enjoying taking photos of all my food even if the family are giving me funny looks.

This afternoon I found myself craving chocolate. Or lollies. Or a hot chocolate. So sugar, I guess. Got through it ok.

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  1. I think you are over-worrying about 'carb flu'....I really do. I mean, you are still eating carbs, and you aren't even fully grain-free, so it should be mild if at all. Only when you go cold turkey on grain-free might it occur. :)

    Good luck! You know, if this nausea etc. keeps up, you need to see a doctor, sweetie. :(