Wednesday, September 17, 2014



I spent the whole morning writing at the Arboretum café.

I love the view there, and I had a great writing session. I've been really stuck for a couple of weeks on this final climactic scene and I finally decided to just write something, anything, and fix it later. I made some good headway.
I tend to write well when I get out of the house and away from distractions, but there are disadvantages too. One is cost. Pay parking is everywhere in Canberra, and the Arboretum is particularly expensive at $2 per hour. Then there is my tea, I feel obliged to buy something while I take up one of their tables for a couple of hours, and a pot of tea there is $4.50. It adds up if I want to go frequently!
Then there is the fact that I am there alone so if I need to go to the bathroom I have to pack everything up, and probably lose my table with a prime view. Drinking a pot of tea doesn't help this problem! Generally I call it a day when I need to make a second bathroom trip.
Some days, when I have other things to do as well, I struggle to fit in both exercise and writing (giving up something like evening TV to do so is a whole other topic). A lot of people argue for doing something every day to build up consistency. Today I decided if I don't have time for a good session of both, I'll just do one. I do better with a longer period of time on one thing instead of dabbling in too many things. So today was writing, tomorrow is exercise - I have a lap of the lake and another look around Floriade planned.

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  1. So beautiful there!!! Great plan, to do one on this day, the other tomorrow. Nice work, Natalie!! It does sound expensive. I occasionally scheduled writing sessions at coffee shops while I was writing my book--and I agree, the expenses added up---but wow, I never had that kind of beauty to inspire me!!