Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whoops too cranky


I just wrote, and half an hour later deleted, a very cranky post. Sorry about that. What made me remove it was that in the meantime I went and put a tactless comment on someone else's post which I then felt embarrassed about! So I'm just as bad.

Said a bit more calmly, my post was asking for people to please not repeatedly push their beliefs on me. I know they are trying to give helpful advice. But I feel like I have said often and often that I don't agree with them, and I respond to their comments (which they probably never see), yet they keep pushing and it upsets me. I don't like being upset on my own blog. But I don't want to be cranky about it and alienate everyone else.

I blame it on the tummy bug. (A virus, not an inability to digest grains.)

Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. Now I wish I could've seen your other post. What's wrong with cranky? you won't alienate others (at least not me). I like it when people speak their minds, after all, it's your blog.

    People pushing beliefs just comes with the territory when you allow comments. Like SPAM, it just can't be completely avoided.

    One of my favorite sayings is "Feedback is a gift that you can choose to accept or reject"

  2. I say embrace the cranky! I'm cranky on my blog a bit today too, LOL :)

  3. Don't feel bad for getting annoyed. You're entitled to your emotions, they are what they are... no right or wrong =)

  4. Jennifer it is interesting that you say "You're entitled to your emotions." I have never felt that way, even though intellectually I know it is true. I am not "allowed" to be angry or upset about most things. I came from a family where everyone is calm and never raises their voice. I used cutting myself as an outlet for negative emotions when I was a teenager. I think shouting at someone would have been better!