Monday, September 29, 2014

Up and cleaning


I woke up feeling much better today. It's so nice to feel well again! It is a glorious day outside, too, but unfortunately I haven't had time to go out into it. After four days of me mooching around doing nothing, on top of the usual mess of this house, it was a pigsty. And dad and his partner are visiting this afternoon! So I've basically spent the whole day cleaning. The kids were a big help, and as it was a public holiday Tim stayed home until lunchtime and did lots. Then he went into work because he has so much to do this week. I also got to do the shopping which means we have food in the house again. Yay!

It's been lovely having my family home again. It was lonely without them on the weekend. I do work from home so I'm alone part of each day but I'm used to the kids getting home from school and of course Tim being here in the evening. It's different when they're away a whole weekend. I feel better just having them here. And having a clean house helps too.

... (later) It is going to be a long few days. When dad was leaving his place this morning (at least six hours away) he said he was going to be here for afternoon tea. So I had some fruit and biscuits laid out and restrained the children and waited and waited and let the kids eat a bit and waited some more and got very hungry then dad called and said they were resting at their hotel and wouldn't be here until dinner. Sigh. And he doesn't know if he's going to be here for dinner tomorrow or not, depending on if his brother wants him to go there so I had to plan a flexible menu that could expand to a couple of extra people or not, as needed. And I'm really not very flexible about this stuff. I am a planner. I like to know what is coming up. To the best of my knowledge he'll be here most of Wednesday to come to Floriade with us and see the flowers.

...  (later) They came for dinner and Trivial Pursuit and bedtime stories for the children. It's been a tiring day for someone just up from their sickbed. Ok, that is exaggerating a little. Sick-chair in front of the TV. Not that there was much on TV. I read a lot. But ... whatever I was saying. Bedtime.


  1. Yes, glad you're feeling better. I'm not a big fan of having company, so that would have made me crazy not knowing when someone was going to come over.

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