Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Tim had to leave ridiculously early this morning to catch a flight. And, as is my habit, I woke even stupidly earlier than that, lay awake waiting for his alarm to go off, then couldn't get back to sleep until after he'd gone. So by the time it was actually time to get up, I was feeling awful and assumed I was still sick as a dog (as they say, but are dogs so very sick? Australians also say "drunk as a skunk" even though we don't have skunks here, and as far as I know they don't get drunk, but at least that rhymes. Rhyming slang is quite big in some parts of Australia (and England I think), like American = Yank = Septic Tank. Charming isn't it.)

Anyway, as I was saying.

Thought I was still sick, but after being up for a while and having breakfast turns out I'm fine, I was just feeling yuck from the sleep disruption. So that is nice.

I spent the entire day investigating banks. Our current bank doesn't have any branches near our new location. I do most of my banking online these days, but occasionally you want a local branch that you can visit in person, especially if you need a bank cheque (which I unexpectedly needed when we bought our car last year). So I was in the market for new bank. And I don't much like any of the big ones, that is why we went for a small local last time. So many fees and charges!

But I had to choose a bank. So I did, after much research, and proceeded to fill out an online application, which apparently should have been easy and fun! Yay! Except they wouldn't accept my ID. They give you four options, I put in two (accepted but not enough), tried to add my passport but it kept saying my document number was wrong (??!!) so I switched to my birth certificate but it wouldn't accept that because my birth name (maiden name) doesn't match my current name (married name). Does this issue not come up often enough for them to find a way to deal with it?? Surely they have the occasional woman who changed her name when she got married wanting to open an account. Sigh. Such a waste of my time. So I'll have to go in to the branch after all.

But not today! Heatwave conditions. Hot hot hot. I stayed safe inside with my air conditioning on.

Except when I took the kids to Acrogym in the afternoon to an uncooled indoor gym. We forgot last week so I didn't want to miss another class. I sat with sweat running down my back (and I wasn't even the one exercising!) and tried to imagine I was in a sauna for pleasure. Not being tortured.

So nice to be back home in the cool!

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  1. Aren't bank fee's the pits ?
    We changed our bank too for the same reason.