Monday, February 22, 2016



Everyone has their own reasons why life can be hard sometimes, we just have to keep trudging on through the bad days and enjoying the good days. I felt a lot better today. I know that predicts nothing about tomorrow, but that is no reason not to enjoy it while I can!

I did slip up with food a bit. I had all healthy meals, but a few extras too. But I got in a long walk with Aiden while Jas was at dance. In fact it was rather longer than I'd planned and we got back late. We walked all the way to the block of land that we'd considered buying last year, and then Tim's cousin actually bought. We'd only seen it online before. Some steep hills to get to it! It was very hot today, but not too bad late in the day when we were walking.

I read in New Scientist today a mention that the highest recorded temperature in the UK, in Kent in 2003, was 38.5C (101.3F). Can that be right? We're expecting that this Thursday! Yes, an unpleasantly hot summer day, but it gets a lot hotter than that here quite often. It seems very low for a "highest ever". The poor Pommies, not used to it, must have been fainting from heat exhaustion in droves that day.


  1. I'm from the American South, 101 does sound hot but not that hot.