Thursday, February 4, 2016



Is another week over already?

After grocery shopping and guitar practice, I cooked and ate my lunch while watching the Biggest Loser finale. Turns out it was the one with the huge controversy because the winner lost too much weight. All three finalists lost over half their body weight, but the two men looked healthy. Rachel looked skeletal. I admit I was a bit shocked. I looked around online and apparently she put on 20 pounds right after the finale and is now at her happy weight, so I guess she just went to extremes to win the $250,000. She was certainly the determined type.

Of course I've heard lots of bad things about the show. Extremely restricted food, overexercise even with injury. And misleading the viewers, like the "week" is really more like 10 days so it's even more unrealistic for a viewer to think they should lose huge amounts in 7 days like the contestants do. Maybe I shouldn't watch the show. But I love seeing the transformations. Most of the contestants are so unhealthy and miserable at the start that I assume they think it is worth going through everything. I think the show has got worse over the years, to be more dramatic and keep the ratings up.

I was determined to do some writing today. It was a bit scary because I had to rewrite most of the first chapter, coming up with a new opening. So this wasn't editing, fixing up what was already there, it felt like starting from scratch! I sat and stared at the screen for ages but I did finally write about 1000 words which is a pretty decent session for me. Then a big afternoon tea, a whole meal worth of calories. Hmm. Then some more guitar.

So it was a good day from a shopping/writing/guitar practise point of view, but not so good from a dieting/exercising point of view. Can't have everything I guess. Working on it.

I forgot to take food photos most of today.

Pulled pork and cucumber for breakfast, rainbow chicken stir fry for lunch, cheese sandwich and cashews and chocolate in the afternoon, steak and salad for dinner. Oh, and two cups of tea. With sugar.

I'm having a really hard time this week due to hormones. Hope it is over soon.


  1. Good for you writing those 1000! Definitely a good amount, especially when you feel like you just can't get started.

    1. Thanks Martha! As usual once I got started I didn't want to stop, but I started so late that after an hour the kids got home.