Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day for us (and I think most of Australia) means giving your partner chocolates and/or flowers, maybe going out for dinner if you book a restaurant far enough in advance. Not a big deal. Any traditions from other parts of the world?

I specifically gave Tim permission to give me chocolates, I wasn't quite expecting this (photo after some were eaten - I shared of course!):
That is a lot of Lindor balls! It came wrapped like it was one huge Lindor ball.

He also gave me flowers. I gave him a smaller box of the same kind of chocolates.

Exercise was a bit less strenuous than yesterday - a lot of my muscles were quite sore! All up and down my back. Makes me feel like I did something yesterday! Also (not so good) my knees hurt when I tried to jump today. So today I just did half an hour of dance.

We spent a quiet day together, including doing some colouring-in all sitting around the kitchen table. Family over for Sunday dinner.

My favourite part of Valentine's Day wasn't very romantic. I've had this yucky wart on the sole of my foot for weeks, it was uncomfortable with every step I took which was very inconvenient. I've been treating it with caustic stuff for a week or so and today it finally came off! Gross, but now I can walk without pain which is so nice.

Happy Valentine's.