Friday, February 5, 2016

Holding steady


I seem to be eating the amount of calories that keeps me at this weight. I gained 0.5 kg (about 1 pound) at the start of the week then have held steady since then. Looking at the graph I've been keeping since Christmas, the same thing happened this time last month. So I'm not really worried, I should start to lose again.

The thing is, I can't blame lack of weight loss on a "plateau" or water retention. It is quite clearly due to the fact I've been eating more that I should if I want to lose weight. I am eating at a maintenance level. Today I had great meals; cheese and a pear for breakfast, pulled pork and salad for lunch, chicken and vegetables for dinner. But I ALSO had some sultanas and cashews at morning tea time, and cheese and crackers and little banana muffin at afternoon tea time. A few hundred calories extra, that keep me at this weight. Not a disaster by any means, no problem if it was just now and then, but it's been nearly every day this week. Am I still blaming this behaviour on PMS?

On one hand, I consider maintenance at this lower-than-I-was-six-weeks-ago weight a win. But I can do better. I will do better.


  1. Yep! I'm getting very good at eating the exact right calories to KEEP me at this weight too!

  2. It's such a hard thing to do...always watch what you eat. I wish we could just eat whatever we want and not have to worry about it.