Wednesday, February 10, 2016



So tired this morning. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night then woke at 4am with night sweats and couldn't get back to sleep for a long time. When I did, I had uneasy nightmares; being caught in a tidal wave with the kids, Jasmine's head covered in warts and most of her hair falling out, being part of a resistance unit in a war but the rest of my youthful team ignoring me, annoying neighbours letting a basket of puppies into my house leading to a carpet covered in dog poop.

I wonder what life would be like, fully rested? Lack of sleep affects so many things. I have such a nice life, but it is hard to enjoy it properly when I am so tired all the time. Losing weight should help the sleep apnoea, but I've had sleep issues since I was a slender child so I don't think that is the only problem. I do have naps during the day sometimes but they rarely last more than 20 mins, that seems to be when I'm timed to wake up even when I'd love to sleep for hours.

Anyway, I know that excuses don't burn calories but that was my reason for no exercise today. I struggled though. My back is aching today, not usual for me. Mostly good food, plus a doughnut. It wasn't very nice.

Hoping for better sleep tonight.