Sunday, February 7, 2016



We had some visitors today. We were expecting one family for morning tea at 10:30 so had some muffins and watermelon ready. They called to move it back to 11:00. Then to 11:45. They arrived after 12. I cleared away the morning tea and sent Tim out to buy a couple of rotisserie chickens! We had a nice lunch chatting with friends. It was a bit frustrating waiting around all morning though. Oh well, it was great to see them.

Then family dinner here. It no longer seems at all stressful to cook for a few extra people. You get used to it. You just cook larger quantities of what you were going to have anyway, and add a dessert!

I ate very badly today. I acted like I didn't care about consequences. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I really do.


  1. I had someone visit at 5:30 last night and not leave until 9pm! I couldn't even offer dinner because I only had two tiny little steaks defrosted! It's so frustrating sitting around waiting for them to come, or go!

    1. That must have been so stressful! I think I would have got so hungry I'd ask them to stay and order a pizza! But it's frustrating if you don't know if they are going to leave any minute. Especially if they say they are going to leave, but then keep talking!