Monday, February 1, 2016

It's not over


Did I think yesterday was hard? Yesterday was easy.

The garbage truck woke me at 5:30. I got back to sleep and dreamed I was riding a bicycle over a bridge over a deep gorge, a terrifyingly narrow bridge with a railing only on one side. And I'm scared of heights at the best of times, let alone in an actual life or death situation. And then I knew Jasmine was going to be riding over in a minute. Horrible.

I woke feeling awful. PMS with all the physical and emotional discomfort that sometimes comes with this time of the month. I'd slept very late, and it was barely 10 minutes before Jas and Tim left for school and work, but I still had an hour with Aiden. I managed to make his lunch, the rest of the time we sat in front of the TV with him on my lap. Got him off to school.

I decided I was having a sick day. Not worry about what I should be doing, just let it go like I would if this was a virus instead of hormones.

I didn't want my planned breakfast. Slimy yoghurt? Yuck. I had cheese and grapes. Then I watched TV all morning, feeling miserable.

I started thinking about food. Chips. Cheesy flavour - like cheezles or Doritos. Crunchy, salty. I tried hard to resist. I prepared my lunch early, 11:30, but after a couple of bites I didn't want it. Not what I was craving. I brushed my teeth. Then I remembered KFC. It was only two blocks away, and even had drive through. Fatty and salty. Exactly what I wanted. So I went and got some.

It was lucky I got drive through instead of eating there because I inhaled my three pieces, usually my limit of grease, and if there had been more I would have eaten more. If I was still in the restaurant I would have bought another three. I still want more right now. It was delicious and exactly what I was craving. Of course it was also about a million unhealthy calories.

If I achieved anything today, and that is precious little, it was not going back and getting more.

I couldn't face cooking, and ordered pizza for dinner. And had my first liquid of the day then. One glass of water by the end of dinner.

My pants are suddenly too tight.

I am not making light of this slip or excusing it due to PMS. PMS makes it harder, it doesn't make healthy choices impossible. I always still have a choice, every time.

This diet is not over. I don't care how many times I stumble. Each time, I'll just pick myself up again and keep going. But today was not a day to be proud of.


  1. We learn by making mistakes and then fixing them. I remember a friend told me that she used to drive through every take-away in town to get her favourite thing (in one go) so that no single one could judge how much she was eating. She'd drive out of town with a Big Mac, fries from KFC, nuggets from HJs, Cadbury from the servo, a milkshake from the deli etc. Now, as a former binge eater, I didn't even blink when she said that - I just wondered why someone didn't tell me that this would be one of the perks if I had a licence!!!!! In perspective, you had three pieces of fried chicken! That's it. I burnt off that exact amount of calories in my morning exercise! One thing I have done is, chips and flavoured milks are my weakness, so I've got sea salt pistachios and those 1/2 teaspoon straws ready to go when I get a craving. Hugs xoxo

    1. Thanks! One day isn't a disaster, I won't let it be. I'm feeling much better now.