Saturday, February 13, 2016



My original exercise plan for 2016 was to walk regularly to build up my fitness a bit then go to the gym. Well I'm not walking regularly, not getting any fitter, and the one time I visited the local gym after the move I didn't like it. So, new plan!

Taking inspiration from the fact I get so much pleasure from my guitar lesson app - as well as being inherently fun to make music, the app gives you instant feedback and gives you goals to strive for - I decided to go back to my Xbox Kinect games. So what if I'm humiliatingly unfit? I'll just do what I can.

We have quite a lot of active games, mainly dance, and in many of them I already have 5 stars (or the equivalent) in every challenge. So now I have the choice of redoing my favourites with the slight downside that I've already achieved everything, or revisiting games I didn't like as much like the newest dance editions, or go back to games I didn't finish because they were too hard. I don't like the new dance editions, btw, because I don't know or like most of the songs and also the interface sucks. In Just Dance 2016 you have to go through seven screens to move on to the next dance each time! And every one of those seven screens you have to get it to register that you are holding your hand on exactly the right spot in space. It's very frustrating.

Today I started with 15 minutes on one of the newer dance games (Dance Central 4), unpleasant hip hop music that I've never heard and one fun Katy Perry song. I was pretty tired after 15 minutes, that is a lot more energetic than walking! Then I switched to Kinect Adventures, which I completed long ago, it has a variety of games and I did the hardest of all, River Rush. This is extremely intense (for me, anyway!) with lots of jumping as high as you can. After each 90 second burst I was literally reeling around the lounge room trying to catch my breath. I did 15 minutes somehow, with sweat pouring off my face. 45 minutes later after a cool shower I was still bright red in the face.

I felt like I actually did some exercise today!

Also ate ice cream.

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