Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm back


I'm feeling much better today, and wondering what the hell I was thinking yesterday. It's weird when your hormones just take over like that and you become almost a different person for a little while. I still have a lot of physical discomfort today, but my head is back in the right place. Desiring healthy food and movement instead of big lumps of fat and slothfulness. No damage to the scales, in fact I was down a tiny bit after previously going up three days in a row.

During the morning I walked up to the library, stopping to take a few photos on the way:

Then I did some work on my novel for the first time this year (principally making notes of all the things that need to be changed, which I thought through on my walk, including cutting or merging a lot of unnecessary characters and scenes, which means I'm going to need to add more content later).

Then time for a bit of guitar practice before lunch. All things I couldn't even contemplate yesterday! And I guess sometimes you need a break because those chords I was struggling with came easy today.

At lunchtime I really wanted to watch Biggest Loser (turns out it is the US 2014 series). I mean, it was makeover week! But two hours of TV? So I made a deal with myself, that I could watch it as long as I spent every ad break on my feet, doing something else. I prepared my lunch and ate it, then after that every ad break I got up and did some housework. I took out several loads of recycling to the bin, I wrapped leftover pizza and hid it in the freezer, I collected dirty clothes from around the house and started the washing machine, I sorted mail, I wiped down the kids' bathroom sink. I got a lot done! And I got to enjoy my show in between without feeling guilty. There is only one week left in the BL house before finale, and with the accelerated way they are showing it I'm guessing it will be over by the weekend.

I had time for some social media and another guitar session before the kids got home. Worked on my finger picking and was very pleased to find I wasn't always looking at my hands, sometimes I just trusted my fingers to find the right fret. Sometimes!

Breakfast was Greek yoghurt with a nectarine, and a cup of tea.

Steak and fried mushrooms with "salad" for lunch.

Tea and grapes for afternoon tea.

Then dinner was lemon roast chicken with roast vegetables. These pictures aren't really representative. I didn't eat the broccoli it wasn't nice today, but those diced veges are awesome. As is usual now, the kids stole some, even though I gave them some of their own. And I had a bit extra chicken. So yummy!

I did well today.

I'm back, baby, yeah!