Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Same same


Pretty normal day. I did the things I usually do.

My walk this morning was to the library. I took a couple of photos of a "scribbly gum".

This is a type of Australian eucalyptus tree that gets marked by beetle larvae and looks like it's been scribbled all over by a child. As far as I know it doesn't do any major damage to the tree, and looks quite pretty. Beetle graffiti!

I saw a teaser for an upcoming news show (which I didn't watch) that seemed to be saying the Australian nutritional guidelines are being changed to reflect that "low fat" isn't the most healthy diet. Yay! Finally the government is catching up to what studies have been showing for many years.

Although I do wonder what research in ten years will tell us. Too much bacon, not enough bacon...

Breakfast, coincidentally, was crispy bacon and salad.

Lunch was half a steak and a huge pile of mushrooms and onions, snow peas, and cucumber. No skimping on vegetables today! And I had no need for an afternoon snack, no hunger except as mealtimes approached.

Dinner was lemon roast chicken and diced vegetables. And a bit of potato. And went back for a bit more chicken. I wasn't especially hungry, but I am a good cook! So tasty.

In the evening Jasmine had some Nutella on toast and went I walked in the kitchen I saw the jar still on the counter and had a yummy spoonful. Hmmm, not exactly on plan. But choco-licious.

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  1. All your dishes look so colourful and tasty!

    I try not to pay too much attention to studies because they seem to change so often. Your head begins to spin!