Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Monday


Monday morning and I'm all fresh and new, ready to recommit. I don't know why I gave myself permission to eat all that extra stuff yesterday, but I did, and the scale shows it. After a pretty dodgy week, I'm up 1.1 kg since my lowest point just over a week ago. The horror! But I can lose it again. Can, and will.

I have two weeks left of this blood-sugar stabilising diet. I can do it for two weeks. Then after that I continue to eat the good food, just without such tight calorie restriction. The Mediterranean diet (lots of vegetables, moderate protein and fat including nuts, olive oil and full fat dairy, and fruit, almost no processed food) is a "lifestyle" rather than a restrictive "diet" in the modern sense, but because I have insulin resistance I'm trying (with varying success) to do the eight week low calorie introduction that is suppose to help with my blood sugar levels. Since I haven't stuck to it that well, I'm not sure what to do at the end of the eight weeks - continue a bit longer? Have a glucose tolerance test to see if my blood sugars have improved? I might keep going until I have lost 10% of my starting weight - I got halfway there before this little regain. Then have the GTT. My goal, of course, is to get out of the pre-diabetic range and back to normal. I was dangerously close to a diagnosis of diabetes at my last GTT. My health is worth a little calorie restriction!

On an evening walk on Saturday with the family we saw two rabbits in someone's front yard. They seemed fairly tame, although we couldn't get right up to them, and didn't look like wild rabbits. But if I had pet bunnies I wouldn't let them wander around at dusk with cats hunting!

I walked for 40 minutes this morning. It was a bit hot, and I got very tired by the end, but those hills must be good for me! I saw a cluster of very weird mushrooms. Some had flies on them, so they might be a kind that smells like carrion. I didn't put my nose up close! I've never seen them before.

After the walk and a shower, I did my Headspace meditation. I had quite a bit I wanted to do today and it seemed a ironic that I was getting stressed about the time taken to de-stress! But I hadn't done it for quite a few days and it's important. I really concentrated on the breathing and all that instead of letting myself go to sleep. Then shopping, lunch, social media, guitar, ferried Jasmine to and from dance classes, dinner. No writing today. And my guitar playing sucked! Went backwards.

Breakfast today was chicken and salad and tea.

Lunch was roast beef and vegetables, broccoli (I only ate half) and strawberries. I felt uncomfortably full for over an hour afterwards. Too many strawberries? The calories were fine, but I shouldn't be eating until my stomach feels distended.

A cup of tea in the afternoon, then dinner was bolognaise on a big bowl zoodles.

My calories were perfect today, and all healthy food. I wasn't hungry, if fact the only thing I'd change if I wasn't restricting calories would be a bit more cheese on my bolognaise! I did my exercise and my meditation. Good day.

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