Friday, February 12, 2016



Third day of extra tiredness and muscle aches, so maybe I have a virus. Or maybe I'm just old and fat.  Either way I didn't do well today. Bought some bad stuff when grocery shopping. Ate it. No exercise.

The only thing I did well in today was being consistent with guitar practice. It's fun and it gives me gold stars when I play a song perfectly. I really need to somehow apply the lure of that to exercise. I used to get it from Xbox games but lost it somehow.


  1. Grocery shopping is always one of my downfalls! I am going to do online shopping as often as I can to totally knock that temptation away!

    1. I did try grocery shopping online a couple of times when I was sick, but I prefer to be able to choose my own produce. And lots of ads for junk food kept popping up! Maybe not quite as bad as it right under your nose when you know you get to eat it straight away.