Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cranky day


I don't know where my energy from yesterday went. Gone again today. I had a bad sleep with night sweats, which I get quite often. Maybe peri-menopause, but if so it's taking years. Very tired today. I struggled with food again, but not as bad as Tuesday. There may have been some bacon and chocolate involved - not together, although I've heard that is a "thing". I didn't fully give in to cravings though, I didn't go out and get takeaway, and this afternoon I passed a rack of chips and chocolate bars and did not stop to buy any although invisible hands were reaching out desperately! The kids kept walking, and so did I.

This morning I went to put away some paperwork that has been building up on my desk since we moved, only to find that the filing cabinet is locked and I have no idea where the key is! Inconvenient. We locked the drawers to stop them flying open in the move. I've checked the few places I could think of that I would put a key. Bugger.

I read something today that really annoyed me. Someone was saying the rule in their house is that coffee is black or don't bother drinking it, something like that. So judgemental. So what if people want to put in sugar, or milk, or cream, or vanilla extract or whatever. They are suddenly not worth speaking to? I don't drink coffee, but if I did I would drink it however I bloody well liked and not care what these people thought. It's like some cooking shows that say food has to be cooked a certain way. I happen to like my steak quite rare (very fashionable), but on the other hand I don't like scallops to be half-raw or duck to be too pink (so my palate is "wrong" there). I like it the way I like it. Why change your taste to align with some random food critic? Who made up the rules anyway?

I let my breakfast tea go cold this morning and didn't drink it, but I had a cup of tea this afternoon. After two weeks nearly (? I think) I still don't like it without sugar. Don't enjoy it at all. I've been forcing myself to drink it to try to get used to it (as I've tried many times in the past) with no success. Doesn't taste like anything I want to drink. I've completely lost the relaxing ritual of a cup of tea that I loved so much. So, do I just give it up entirely? Do I go back to having my tiny bit of sugar - less than a teaspoon - usually the only processed sugar I have all day? Do I stick to the no-sugar rule for the remaining two and half weeks of this strict blood-sugar balancing diet? Ha! As if I didn't have chocolate today!

I nearly forgot the kids were starting Acrogym today - a cross between gymnastics and acrobatics? It looked fun, learning to do cartwheels and stuff. I stayed and watched today but it's only a couple of blocks from home so I'll probably leave them next time, and come home. Or maybe go for a walk. No exercise today.

Sorry for tired crankiness. Hopefully everything will be easier tomorrow. At least I got my guitar practice in.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the coffee. I only drink about two cups of day but I drink it any which way I like. Whose business is that anyway?

    I guess this was just a bad day. We're all allowed some of those :)