Friday, August 12, 2011

And we're off


Half of our weekend guests have arrived and Tim had dance this morning, but I still managed to get out to a BodyStep class. My face is still bright red an hour later -- it was exhausting! Really good. I hadn't really done any cardio since Tuesday last week -- since then I'd only done a short session on the bike and a Pump class -- so I'd lost whatever endurance I'd gained from my first two weeks of exercise; but I can't do much about that now. I'm just starting from here.

My stats were: 50 mins; 17% in zone 0 (including abdominal work on the mat which I did some of between waiting for the room to stop spinning, and stretches at the end); 26% in zone 1; 41% in zone 2; 14% in zone 3 AND 2% in > zone 3 (lets call that zone 4, shall we). That is amazing. Average HR 125, peak HR 162. Remembering that 163 is my 'keeling over from a heart attack' point, I think I worked pretty damn hard. 205 calories doesn't really seem to reflect it.

On the nutrition side -- I have just ordered pizzas for our lunch... Oh well. I love cooking, especially for visitors, but I didn't want to have to cook 4 main meals over the weekend for lots of people, so I have gone for 1 fast food takeaway. Here on in I will be making all the food, including desserts of course. And snacks. Lemon cupcake, anyone?

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