Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swamped by work


I was scheduled to go to the gym today but I was just feeling too swamped by work to take nearly 2 hours out of my already-short working day. I feel a bit guilty, it is the first time in 2 1/2 weeks that I have skipped my exercise (except for one sick day) -- but I got lots of work done and completed the project that was due tomorrow! Yay! I had been juggling three projects at once but have now sent two of them back to the clients. Only one to go, due next Friday, then I will be free to really get stuck into exercise. After all, this 4-week period was originally intended for exercise-when-I-can but with the focus on work. It is still a bit disapointing to break my great record.

Instead of the Thursday/Saturday/Sunday gym sessions I had planned, I will do Friday/Sunday. I hadn't been sure about Friday (tomorrow) but since I have got that job in I can make the time. I will still be working frantically for the next week on the last project, it is a doozy.

I walked the kids to school and it is time to go pick them up, walking again, so I am getting a tiny bit of movement into my day.

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