Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweat is fat crying


Despite a houseful of guests, I went to my 50/50 gym class this morning. It's half aerobics and half Step. It had previously been my favourite class; but now, although I still enjoy it, it has been passed by a full class of Step, Zumba, and even BodyPump. The main reason for this is that I find the aerobics portion is not ideal for my current limitations. There are bits I just can't do, which is frustrating. But it's still good.

My stats were: 60 mins, 12% in zone 0, 72% in zone 1,and 16% in zone 2. The reason for the slower heart-rate was partly, as I said, that I can't do it all so sometimes have to just do something less jumpy than the rest of the class; but also because I was so exhausted from yesterday's class (and probably from looking after house-guests) that I was dragging myself through the moves. I found it all really hard. Two high-intensity cardio days in a row is punishing at my level of fitness. I'm glad I have BodyPump tomorrow -- weights not cardio.

To continue: 216 calories, average HR 117, peak HR 137. I weighed myself at 79.9 kg, a bit up from yesterday. Sunday is my official weigh-in day, so that is today. I imagine the extra weight is from all the junk I have been eating this weekend (or just a daily fluctuation). The trick will be to stop eating all the junk -- all the guests brought lots of junk food and alcohol with them and we haven't gone through half of it, I assume the rest will be left behind when they go home in the morning. I need to save it for next Thursday's D&D night. Or just throw away anything that is too tempting, like the chips. I can probably resist the alcohol, biscuits and lollies. I only ate half of my dessert tonight so there is delicious raspberry chocolate mousse in the fridge as well.

I had a nap this afternoon while most of the others went for a walk. I was just too tired. I only got to rest for an hour; then I got up and made the dessert, got dinner started, repacked the dishwasher, put the washed clothes in the dryer so I would have something to wear to the gym tomorrow, hand-washed my heart-rate monitor strap... it has been a busy weekend, and the evening isn't over yet.

I'm thinking about using the gym's spa after my Pump class tomorrow. It is included in my high-level membership, but I haven't used it yet. Might be nice for my sore muscles. The kids will be at school -- I have the whole day (until 3 pm) for whatever I want! There are a few movies I want to see, too, after I have done my exercise each day.

The gym instructor said an awesome thing in class, she said she got it from her instructor: "I want to see you sweat! Sweat is fat crying!" I love that.

I showered at the gym today (I usually go home) but of course I had taken my winter clothes to change into and I was still so hot even after my shower that it was torture putting my thick shirt on. My face was still so bright red that it was a bit embarrassing to pop into the shops on my way home. I was at the checkout when my father-in-law walked past -- he didn't recognise me at first glance! I looked like a tomato. Hopefully this won't continue to happen after I am fit; Tim used to get red too after exercise but he doesn't any more now that he rides an hour and a half every day on his bike.

I must be jumping a lot more in class than I used to, because I have noticed recently that my bosoms are bouncing a bit uncomfortably. I have never been particularly large, and I wear a sports bra, so I have never had this problem before.

My nutrition focus this week is going to be breakfast. As I have mentioned before, I struggle to eat something healthy -- or anything at all, although I always do -- at that time of day. But yesterday I had a banana, and today I had Sustain cereal, so that is a good start.

I leave you with the reminder that sweat is fat crying.

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