Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Student free day -- for teachers not for me



Today is a student-free school day so I have both kids at home. My plans for the day included putting them in creche and doing a BodyStep class (high intensity cardio!), then letting them have a swim in the heated kids' pool in the same building.

I lay in bed for an extra half an hour while the kids watched TV (getting up briefly so Tim could help me with my bra before he went to work), then after breakfast I noticed Tim had forgotten to put the bins out. As I was organising myself to do it, he called to tell me he had forgotten the bins (no problem) but also that he had found my keys in his pocket when he got to work. What the? He must have put them in his pocket when leaving the house, but why? He's never done that before. And my keys are always in the same place, sitting on top of my handbag, not somewhere he would usually mistake them for his.

The consequences are that I can't go to the gym or take the kids anywhere else -- no car keys and no house keys. It is also raining, so we can't even go into the backyard. Bummer. It's going to be a long day.

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