Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lots of exercise


Feeling like a champion today. I had planned to jump on the cross-trainer after my BodyPump class but I got there so early today I was able to do 20 mins before my class! I used weights on the bar for the whole BodyPump class. And then after the class I did another 15 mins on the treadmill. I am awesome.

Cross-trainer stats: 20 min; 11% zone 0; 88% zone 1; 1% zone 2; 67 cal; av HR 114; peak 126.

BodyPump stats: 45 min; 93% zone 0; 7% zone 1; 82 cal; av HR 89; peak 119.

Treadmill stats: 15 min; 100% zone 0; 28 cal; av HR 94; peak 100.

The discrepancy between calories burned as stated by my HR monitor and the equipment is huge. I burned 67 cal on the cross-trainer but the machine said 94, and I burned 28 cal on the treadmill but the machine said 80! The equipment must base it on someone which a much higher percentage of muscle.

I didn't get my heart rate up very high but I moved and moved and I am proud of myself. I'm going to see "Jane Eyre" at the movies this afternoon, making the most of these days I have to myself.

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