Sunday, August 28, 2011

Treadmill and crosstrainer and BodyPump, oh my


I had time for six minutes on the treadmill before my class, and then I did BodyPump. I am going well with the 1 kg weight on each end of the bar; the only track that really hurts me is the shoulder one where you lie on the aerobic step and do bench presses. I think I will drop back to an empty bar for that one. For other tracks, my muscles could do more but my joints can't.

Stats for Pump: 46 mins, 97% zone 0, 3% zone 1, 80 cal, average HR 89, peak HR 112. I don't know if that calorie count is accurate. It is based on my heart rate, which doesn't go up much for Pump, but I would think I am still burning more calories than if I was sitting in front of the TV. Aren't I? will probably say its about 600 calories per hour. Oh well, it's all guesswork anyway.

Then I decided to do some cardio and got on the cross-trainer for 12 minutes, including 3 x 30 second sprints. Stats: 12% zone 0, 20% zone 1, 49% zone 2, 19% zone 3, 53 calories, average HR 129, peak HR 154. I was exhausted and dripping sweat after that, but didn't want to have a shower straight away because I would still be hot and sweaty when I got out. So I got back on the treadmill for another 15 mins to cool down. I went down to the Club Pink tea room and had a snack and a rest, then my shower -- and I was still pink in the face after that!

Total calories burned at the gym: 173.

I had to pick up a book I'd ordered from the Uni co-op bookshop, so I went there next. The only parking spot I could find was a 10 minute walk away. So, an extra 20 minutes exercise. Easy on the way in; but on the way back to my car I was carrying my huge 4.5 kg dictionary up three flights of stairs. More weight-lifting!

Once I have walked up to the school and back this afternoon, I will have done 2 hours exercise today. My legs are pretty tired and sore, which is great!

While at Uni I had pepperoni pizza for lunch. Not so healthy, but yummy. And I only drank water.

Even though it is still winter (for 2 more days), I got a bit burned out in the sun yesterday. So did my daughter, we are both lily-white. Except when we are red. From now on it's hats and sunscreen.

photo by pasukaru76

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