Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brain working, body idle


I didn't make it to the gym this morning. I woke at 7 am (or rather, was woken by children), knowing that if I leapt out of bed and moved my wet gym gear from the washing machine to the dryer it would be dry in time for my 9 am class. And yet. Stayed in bed until quarter to 9.

There are no other suitable classes today. I should do something else, of course. Go to the gym anyway and use the equipment, or go for a long walk or something. But I am spending the day, like yesterday, stuck to the computer working. It is not good for my RSI, my shoulders and arms are starting to ache. But I just need to get this job done. I already delayed this client two weeks, so it is important to my professional reputation that I finish by the end of this coming week. I would rather put in the hours now than be up to 4 am on Thursday night, or put him off again.

Of course I am worried about losing the little bit of fitness I have gained in the past three weeks, and about falling out of the rhythm of exercising regularly that I had started. And about my RSI flaring up. I am getting out of my chair every hour to move around and stretch for the RSI.

When these next few days are over, I will be able to fully commit to exercise.

As I didn't go to the gym, I have not weighed myself today.

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