Thursday, August 25, 2011

The lake


Yesterday I went for a long walk around the lake. Canberra is a planned city, and the middle section of the man-made lake has many of the public buildings on its shores; the National Library (pictured), the Art Gallery, the War Memorial, and the Carillion (bell tower). Also sweeping lawns and rows of trees. It was a lovely day for walking and a beautiful area. I parked at the library then walked along the path to the Russell St bridge, over that, back along the other side which is mostly lawns and park areas, then over Commonwealth Bridge and back to the library -- where I then sat for an hour writing my novel.

Although it was only walking, I pushed myself to go quite briskly so it was an hour and a quarter of decent exercise. My legs were tired at the end, and my feet very hot and a bit sore even though I was wearing sneakers.

Today I took the day off exercise; after five days in a row I was feeling a bit fatigued. In actual fact, I spent quite a bit of the morning in unintended gentle exercise; walking around the shops and the university where I had some errands. My mother is visiting for the weekend, so I need to do some cleaning this afternoon, too. Surely scrubbing the bathrooms counts as exercise!

photo by Pierre

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