Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's all about me


I just had an awesome "me" day.

I dropped the kids off at school and childcare, then went to the gym and did a BodyPump class. I added weights for a couple of the tracks, but I still have to be very cautious as my shoulders (especially the left) have a restricted range of movement. So most of it was done with just the empty bar. It is still good stretching and toning.

My (non-cardio) stats were: 60 mins, 93% in zone 0, 7% in zone 1, 114 calories, average HR 93, peak HR 118.

I've had a stiff neck and sore lower back for a few days -- I think from all the extra computer work I did recently, not from exercise. So after the class I got in the hot spa. It was very bubbly, but most of the jets were on the floor in the middle of the spa, so not very useful. After a while I changed to the kids pool, which has a submerged seat at one end with spa jets directed into the small of one's back -- presumably for parents watching their kids. The water (warm) seemed freezing after the hot spa! But the jets were awesome. I sat for a long time getting an intense massage on the sore spots. After all the spa-ing my neck and back were feeling much better.

I went home and had lunch -- home-made chicken soup leftover from the weekend -- then went to see the Glee 3D concert movie. I was by myself, and there were only seven other people in the theatre. So not very popular. It was okay, I enjoyed the actual concert parts and the glimpses of backstage but was rather bored by the extensive coverage of fans saying things like "My favourite is Brittany because she is so pretty." I kept mental track of the favourites and they were all named except Mercedes and Mike. What a downer for them -- imagine being the only ones out of a dozen stars (or more, I think Blaine was mentioned the most and he isn't even in New Directions) who aren't anyone's favourite.

Then I had enough time to do a quick grocery shop before picking up the kids. Now I get to play World of Warcraft before it is their turn for computer/TV time and I have to make dinner. Awesome day.

As expected, there is plenty of junk food left over from the weekend. I put away, for D&D night, a bag of chips, 2 bags of lollies, 2 packets of biscuits, and a bag of chocolate bullets. I have left the opened things in the cupboard -- only a few nearly-empty packets of biscuits. I had a handful of crispy m&ms at the movies (not from the weekend, left-over in my bag from the last time I went to the movies and forgotten about) and one Tim Tam while having afternoon tea with the kids.

Three days in a row of exercise! Go me! And I had toast for breakfast this morning, so that is going well too. I am not nearly as tired today as I was all weekend.

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