Monday, August 15, 2011

Temporary setback


Yesterday evening Tim called to say he wasn't feeling well and could I pick him up from work as he wasn't feeling up to riding home. As soon as we got home he went to bed. He was much better this morning and went to work. But when I was getting dressed I had a wave of dizziness -- one of his symptoms. I hesitantly made the difficult decision not to do to the gym. I've been alternating between feeling guilty, and feeling a bit weak and dizzy and thinking I made the right choice.

My plan is to stay home this morning, then assuming I feel well enough I will go to my writing date at lunch time and then go for a walk. It's looks like a lovely late-winter day outside.

I had a series of frustrating phone calls with my gym this morning. I was trying to book in for a health check with the women's only section Club Pink -- mainly so they could measure my various body parts -- but it turns out they only do health checks at the same time as they have classes; 9.30 and 12.30. But I go to a 9.30 class every day and don't want to miss it; and don't particularly want to go back at 12.30 just so they can measure my arm fat. She also mentioned that there was no-one available to give me a health check today as the instructor would be running the zumba class (which I was planning to go to at that stage). Well hello, of course she can't do both simultaneously! How do they expect this to work? I had hoped to do the check straight after the class, then both she and I would be free. But no.

The kids have a student-free day on Thursday so I got transferred to the front desk and booked them into first session creche. Then I realised that Thursday is the one day I don't have a suitable 9.30 class, so I wanted to go to the 12.30 Step class. But, aha, a 9.30 slot I wouldn't be in a class ... I rang back Club Pink to book in for a health check on Thursday morning. But ... computer says no. She couldn't even tell me why they couldn't do that time.

So ... I asked to be transferred back to the front desk so I could change the creche time to the later session for my Step class. No-one answered and eventually the call was picked up by Club Lime, the big gym upstairs. They took the message that I wanted to change my creche time, but I have no idea if it will actually get written in the book downstairs. I will check when I go in tomorrow. All very frustrating.

I don't want to give up a class to have my health check, but it would be great to have some figures other than just my weight for later comparison. They do body fat percentage and water percentage and body measurements as well as looking over your exercise plan and teaching you to use equipment and all that stuff.

Maybe next time I am in Club Pink (Friday) I will discuss my options with the receptionist face to face with the appointment book right there. I might have to give up next Monday's Pump class and do the treadmill/bike/free weights afterwards. They suggest having a health check every 6 weeks (and then make it very difficult to get to one!) but I haven't had one for many months.

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