Monday, August 15, 2011

Writing and walking

more Tuesday

I felt quite grumpy and out of sorts all morning -- not sure if it was guilt from not going to the gym or having caught whatever my husband had. In retrospect, I think I wasn't sick, just a bit tired. Anyway, I went to my writing date -- at McDonald's of all places, it has free wifi not that we actually needed it to write -- had some lunch then sat and worked on my novel alongside four other would-be novelists. I got a thousand words written, which was great.

Then I just had time for a half-an-hour walk around the lake before picking up the kids. It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm for late winter, and I saw about eight different kinds of birds including black swans, ducks, and bright red lorakeets (a type of parrot). I walked as fast as I could, so that my legs felt the burn. I feel a bit better having at least got some exercise today. And some sunshine.

photo by Gary Sutherland

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