Friday, August 19, 2011

In which I whinge about my sore throat

Saturday morning:

Yesterday I woke feeling quite tired and yuck (so what's new) but also with a bit of a sore throat. If I hadn't already had two days off this week I probably would have given myself permission to skip the gym, but NO! It took a lot of willpower but I bullied myself into going, mainly with the foreknowledge of how guilty and miserable I would be later off if I didn't. And then my Zumba class was cancelled! Arg!

I got on the bike but my shoulder (the left, torn one) started hurting after about 10 mins so I didn't last much longer than that. And I went home.

As the day went on my throat got a bit sorer and the gland on the right side of my neck swelled up a bit and was sore to the touch from the outside as well. But nothing serious.

This morning I feel much the same as yesterday afternoon. Sore throat, tired, but only slightly unwell. Not sure what to do about exercise. My daughter clearly has a cold. My class today would be at 12.30, BodyStep, the most strenuous one of the week. I am thinking about going for a long walk instead. Is that piking, or sensible? This has been a bad week for exercise.

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