Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People watching


My knee felt ok this morning so I went to BodyPump after putting Aiden in creche. I was very careful of the knee -- really foccussing on my form. I did plenty of squats (without weights but going very low, I felt it more than usual so I think I did well) but no lunges. Most of the class didn't impact on knees at all, which was good. It feels just a little stiff -- like the muscles or tendons around it are too tight -- and I am going to continue to take care.

I wrote down my stats but they are in my bag, something like 48 mins (I forgot to turn it on for a while so that doesn't include the warm-up), 99% in zone 0, 1% in zone 1.

I enjoy people-watching in the gym. When I am in Club Pink, the women's only section, I am pretty average in terms of age, weight, and athletic ability. Up in Club Lime, where I was today, it is much more mixed. When I used to go in the before-work timeslot last year the classes were full of young toned fit people. Daytime classes have a big variety. Yesterday in Zumba there were a couple of women who had absolutely no sense of timing. Good on them for trying, but funny to watch.

Today there were two young men in the class who had never done BodyPump before (the instructor always asks). They were quite unfit and weedy-looking and had very light weights, which was sensible and not stupidly macho, but at one point when we switched to hand weights the instructor suggested 2.5 kg for the women and 5 kg for the men. I thought that was silly. There were a couple of men in the class with very heavy weights but also fit strong women. And there were flabby women like myself, and these new boys who were using weights as light as mine for most of the class. I don't think the instructor should have based it on gender at all.

Aiden and I then went to the library then did the shopping. We got home at 1 pm (cheese rolls for lunch at the shops), but I wasn't as tired as I often am other days after being out for hours with Aiden. Hopefully I am getting slightly fitter? This morning I was actually wondering if I need a day off exercise, having done four in a row now, but I seem to be doing ok. The weather is lovely today, I am thinking of a long walk tomorrow around the lake if it remains fine and sunny.

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