Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let there be light

Saturday Night

I have been tired all day from the exercise this morning (get used to it, body!) and have also been stuffing myself with delicious food at and between meals, so I am all lurgy and ready for bed. Up tomorrow morning for the next one!

I am posting again because I wanted to tell this little anecdote from the gym this morning. The class was in Club Pink -- the smaller, all-female part of my gym, Club Lime is much bigger and a lot of the classes are there upstairs -- and we ended up with 11 people which pretty much filled the room. When I got there, just on time, the lights were still off in the room. So eight or nine women were standing in the semi-dark beside their aerobic steps, waiting for the instructor to arrive or someone else to take action. I put down my water bottle and towel then walked back to the door and flipped the four switches that turned on all the lights. Go me! I was kind of amazed that no-one else had done it.

Oh, and I weighed myself, I was 79.6 kg again. I don't think I mentioned that before. Back to where I started 4 weeks ago. Time to pick up the pace.

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