Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In which I lift weights while feeling blah


After my pleasant afternoon yesterday things went downhill. The kids, who usually play beautifully, fought all afternoon leaving the four-year-old in tears three times. I eventually had to separate them; him out on the trampoline and her in her room. I felt tired and grumpy and headachy for the rest of the night.

Still out of sorts this morning. It was Aiden's day home with me so I put him in the creche for an hour while I did BodyPump. I used 1 kg weights (one on each end, obviously) on most of the tracks and it went ok -- it is not my muscles that are the problem so much as my lack of shoulder rotation. I was feeling very uninspired and sluggish, but luckily Pump only requires a bit of determination and no perkiness. I don't think I could have Zumba'd or Stepped. I didn't bother to wear my heart-rate monitor but I actually think I got my heart rate up a little bit while using the extra weight instead of just the bar.

It is pouring rain today, thank goodness for lovely day yesterday for my walk.

Took Aiden to the library to exchange books and DVDs and then we did the grocery shopping. I was completely exhausted by the time we got home. I still feel quite blah and hope I am better tomorrow. If it was a completely different time of the month I would suspect PMS, but it can't be.

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