Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's twist again... not quite so much


I went to Zumba this morning and had time before the class to do six minutes on the treadmill.

I made the effort this morning to cook soft-boiled eggs for breakfast -- I had one and a bit with buttered toast and was very full. I still felt a bit overfull by the time I got to my Zumba class so I don't think it was the best breakfast for me to exercise on. The search for the ideal breakfast is not over.

Near the end of the Zumba class my left knee started to hurt. We had been doing a lot of jumping and twisting and swivelling, with many new steps that I was struggling to keep up with, so I slowed down a lot for a couple of tracks. The knee continued to get worse to I left one track before the end of the class. It is still a little sore, four hours later, but fine to walk on. I am just resting it for the rest of the day. I wasn't able to do the stair-climbing I'd had planned.

My stats for Zumba: 52 min; 131 cal, 58% zone 0, 36% zone 1, 6% zone 2. Av HR 103, peak 139.

I planned my meals a bit more today -- hence the cooked breakfast -- and I had a healthy and delicious warm lamb salad for lunch. Lots of finely chopped, lightly dressed (balsamic and sesame oil) salad with thinly sliced lamb on top. This is something I sometimes cook for dinner for the family and is quite involved as I roast and peel the capsicums and cook the lamb fillet and shave cheese over the top etc. But I'm at home, I have the time.

It's nearly time to pick up the kids and I'm not sure where the day has gone. Apart from going to the gym and making a healthy lunch, I haven't achieved anything. I read a short story, had a very short play of a computer game, and went through all the emails still in my in-box and filed most of them away or deleted them. That's about it. My focus is exercise at the moment, but I still have plenty of time to be productive in other ways. I don't want to waste my days and just sit around -- I wasn't even doing something fun!

My leg muscles are aching a bit, they really start to notice three days in a row of exercise. I get tired, I think that is why the day is frittering away without me noticing. I am still building up stamina.

I consulted with the reception desk at the gym about booking in for a health check. Unfortunately the information given over the phone was correct, they don't offer health checks at any time I want to have one. She did mention that they do weekends, so I ended up booking in for Sunday morning. I will miss my class, but if things go to plan I will have already done 7 days in a row so I think skipping a class will be fine. Even if I have another day off before then, I can still use the gym equipment after my health check. And maybe I can lose a little weight before then!

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