Monday, August 29, 2011

Less Zumba than usual


My morning was coloured with PMS, I was feeling a bit stressed and cranky. When going into the gym, there was a woman in front of me -- tall, tanned, slender & fit. I don't usually get all envious about other people's bodies, but I was feeling out-of-sorts and this perfect woman was stalking me! Ok, so she was actually always ahead of me so if anything she could claim I was stalking her; and it was totally logical that when both going into a gym we would both go to the reception desk, the change rooms, and then to the Zumba class; but I was getting sick of seeing that perfect bottom perking around in front of me. Practically at eye level, given our difference in heights.

I only had a few minutes before class, but I couldn't bear sitting alone with Ms Perfect in the group exercise room, so I got on the treadmill for five minutes. Instead of walking at a comfortable pace, I walked then jogged then sprinted -- trying to pound out my crankiness. I think it helped. I would have run longer but my shins were hurting.

I went to Zumba and started off well, but then I realised that I hadn't really left enough time between the class and meeting a client. I needed to wash my hair and do makeup and then drive into the city and probably park a few blocks away from the cafe. I decided to leave 15 mins early, but I couldn't stop stressing about the time. It got so I was messing up steps because I was thinking about that instead of what I was doing. So I ended up leaving 30 mins before the class ended -- halfway through. I am glad I did, because I ended up only being a few mins early for my meeting and my client was already there.

Although we met at Koko Black -- a chocolate shop -- I only had a cup of tea so that was a small victory over my inclination to eat the whole shop. I probably would have ordered a piece of cake or something but I knew my client was probably going to pay and I felt a bit uncomfortable ordering more when he only got a coffee. I wasn't hungry anyway, but if I was alone or with friends I most likely would have eaten something regardless.

And I confess I had three chocolate biscuits when I got home.

This time of the month is a real struggle for me with motivation and with eating healthily and in moderation. I have already booked Aiden into the creche so I am definitely going to the gym tomorrow. But Thursday is a teacher's strike so I think that will be a day off. They just had a student-free day last week! It's ok for me, but what about people who have to go to a regular job? Very inconvenient for them.

photo by rainyfoxy

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